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Character creation really depends on you. However some information is good to know in advance to let you make a good start.

About theclasses, if it is the first time you play Dark Souls and if you never played Demon Souls, make sure to avoid ‘The Deprived’ class as this one is for expert gamers or for second playthrough.

About the gifts: The Master key is surely the most useful gift to start with excepted if you chose to be a thief (the Master key is part of the default equipment for this class). The other gifts are either items dedicated to be sold, weapons that will disappear from your inventory when used or heals/boosts that you will anyway find during your adventures. The second best choice is Twin Humanity as this will help you a lot to loot good stuff right from the beginning of the game
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  • You help me alwasys again.
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  • if id pick the master key when i first started, it would of saved me A
    LOT of time.
    Posted on  May 31, 2013 at  2:25 PM I like 0
    Cant find a reason not to
  • I always select the master key, but it ends up taking me to place in which I experience instant death -_-
    Posted on  Apr 26, 2013 at  10:36 PM I like 1
  • very helpful
    Posted on  Mar 26, 2013 at  12:14 AM I like 5
    Lasst was zocken. PS3
  • thanks
    Posted on  Mar 21, 2013 at  5:18 PM I like 5
    kim petersen the king
  • I made my guy look as close to vandals as possible, lol
    Posted on  Feb 18, 2013 at  11:01 PM I like 8
  • Thx, those are really the best options. I ended choosing the Old Witch's Ring, tho. So you can talk with Queelan, without having to trade my beloved sunlight maggot to Snuggly... :D
    Posted on  Sep 9, 2012 at  8:44 AM I like 11
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